Accessories for sterilization and disinfection

Decontamination of surgical instruments, medical equipment, all surfaces in a medical institution is a combination of processes that include cleaning, disinfection and / or sterilization, to ensure their safe use or reuse but also the safe handling of these devices by medical personnel. Decontamination is the removal of dirt and pathogenic microorganisms from objects so that they become safe during further handling, use and / or processing. The stages of the decontamination cycle are cleaning; disinfection; inspection; packaging; sterilization; transport of sterile devices; storage; transport of used medical devices to the central sterilization service. All these stages of the decontamination cycle are mandatory and must be carried out to a standard corresponding to the legislative requirements in force. Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization are important components of the infection prevention and control process. Efficient cleaning is essential before any disinfection or sterilization process. The type and level of contamination of a medical device depends on its nature and the purpose for which it is used.